Restore your confidence with permanent dentures

Restore your confidence with permanent dentures
permanent dentures

Permanent dentures are often referred to as false teeth that are fixed to the mouth via permanent attachment to mouth. There are many reasons that one would want to have permanent dentures. First off, teeth may be lost due to accidents or simply old age. It can be uncomfortable to have to go through life without the use of your teeth. Permanent dentures are an option for those who wish to maintain the look and feel of a full set of teeth – without having to take them off every night or after every meal.

permanent dentures

Dentures of the Past

Before the idea of permanent dentures came into place, false teeth were held in place by ridges of the gums or any remaining teeth. This method worked, but it was often inconvenient for the user as they were forced to be constantly removing the fixture in order to clean it and remove food from in between the teeth ridges. All in all, non-permanent dentures are often an annoying process that leads to more frustrating surrounding the mouth.

The New Age of Permanent Dentures

When most people think of permanent dentures, they are referring to the titanium screws that are surgically placed in the jaw to replace missing teeth. This means that patients usually have to wait a period of time because their gums are often overly sensitive. Once the waiting period has ended, clients can have the operation to have the new teeth surgically implanted in the mouth.
NB : choose a good dental sedation for easier operation!


This technique usually creates a very stable set of teeth and the client is often extremely confident in their ability to use their new teeth for a range of foods that they previously were not able to use before due to lack of teeth. Another advantage for implanted or permanent dentures is the ability to implant just a few teeth. This means that clients are able to replace a few bad or missing teeth without having to wait until all teeth are gone.


As one might imagine, permanent dentures come at a very high cost, and most insurance agencies will not help with the cost for this procedure. It can also be extremely intimidating to go into surgery to implant the new teeth, and there is always a risk that something could go wrong. It is also important to note that the actual implants, or screws, will last a lifetime and will never wear down but the false teeth can wear down after use and may need to be replaced in the future.


The users of permanent dentures have found comfort in the ease and one-time implant process that comes from utilizing such a procedure. Although the cost is quite high, this come with the knowledge that one can eat what they want and not have to worry about cleaning or removal that comes with the other non-permanent solutions. Permanent dentures are a thing of the future, and the technology is only going to improve with time.