Lumineer, a good alternative to veneer

Lumineer, a good alternative to veneer

Unlike veneer, which often get confused with their sister product, lumineer is ultra-thin and highly translucent which means that they are able to mold to the teeth in a way that veneers are simply not able to do. Veneers often require a bit of tooth reshaping before the new structure can be added on, but since lumineeris so thin no tooth reduction is even necessary. This product is extremely resilient and can often last the patient for more than twenty years. This means that although the product may be more expensive, lumineer is an option that many should consider in order to maintain as much of the original tooth as humanly possible.

The Lumineer Process

Each lumineer is shaped and molded to fit each client’s specific tooth. There’s no one size fits all here. In fact, not only is each one fitted to the client’s tooth, but it is also matched for shade in order to make sure that the tooth matches perfectly. Since the lumineer is so translucent and thin, it’s critical that the placement and color is perfectly on point or else it will be blatantly obvious that something went wrong. The lumineer application process is also completely pain free. Dentists do not use shots or drills on the sensitive parts of the tooth in order to keep the process pain free and comfortable for each and every patient.


Lumineer is the best possible option when it comes to easy tooth replacement and covers. Every client will be able to eat and drink as confidently as they did before. Due to the durability, one can do everything that they did before without fear of breakage or any other type of issue. In fact, lumineer is the safest option because they keep the original tooth as healthy as possible. Since there is no grinding down of the original tooth, lumineer is also completely reversible (unlike porcelain veneers). One will discover that their natural teeth are strong and perfectly intact beneath the lumineer.

The beauty of lumineers is that they only take an average of two visits to completely finish the procedure. The first visit will usually just be a tooth fitting, and the second visit will be the actual placement. However, luckily the second visit takes only about an hour to complete the entire fitting for all teeth. This makes it a completely quick and pain free process that all will find easier than permanent dentures or even veneers.


Lumineer comes highly recommended from dentists nationwide. For more than thirty years this process has been in place, and many clients have gained a new confident smile through this treatment. While this process does come at a high cost, it is something that is the least damaging to the actual teeth, and can be proven to create a healthy and bright smile for years to come. Celebrities often favor this procedure because it’s an easy way to create a natural looking smile without the damage caused from other methods.