Gold braces, an overlooked solution

Gold braces, an overlooked solution
Gold braces detail

Unfortunately, you must sometimes wear dental braces. Hopefully today you have many more choices than  few years ago and gold braces can be a really good choice!

When should I wear dental braces?

Basically, your orthodontist is the only person that could tell you if and why you need dental braces. We can’t stress this enough, consult a dentist/orthodontist first!

Most generally dental braces are used to correct teeth problems, such as malocclusion (when something is wrong with your bite), or when you teeth are too “big” for your mouth, or even after a accident (eg. a broken tooth).

On a individual basis, treatment can last from a few months to a a few years. Which is why you should something you “want” to wear for such long periods, such as gold braces.

Gold braces

There are plenty more fish in the sea

Hopefully today there is a lot of choices available. Lets see the most common ones.

Porcelain dental braces

They are very discreet since the color almost matches your teeth’s color. However, can break easily.

Tooth colored braces

Far from being discreet, one will really notices those dental braces. They are great to show your teeth and that you feel well in your body and don’t mind having an dental treatment (and by the way, you should!).

Behind the teeth braces

Depending on what you need, your orthodontist could offer you to use this kind of treatment, totally invisible (since it can’t be seen, remember? It is behind your teeth!). Only disadvantage, is that it can only accommodate a few use case.

And of course, the one we want to talk about in today’s article:

Gold braces

Gold braces belong to the metal braces category and hence got the same pros and cons.

Pro of metal braces

  • Very strong brackets, will rarely break. You get to see your orthodontist less often ;
  • Generally speaking it also means shorter treatment duration.

Cons of metal braces

  • Due to the nature of metal, they can irritate your gums more than other solution, however it shouldn’t last more than a few weeks ;
  • Price! This is gold and shiny… so yes, it had an extra cost.

Wearing gold braces, really is up to you (as long as your orthodontist agrees). However, shorter treatment times and good looking for something you’ll have to wear 24/7 for a lengthy period are often what makes people choose those braces over other type.

Please note that once again that even if we can share advice on dental braces, only your orthodontist should tell you what type is right for you.

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