Cushion Grip for dentures : pros and cons

Cushion Grip for dentures : pros and cons
Cushion grip for dentures

Dentures help people that have lost teeth to continue to have a normal life, chew, speak and smile as if they still had all their teeth, be them partial or full dentures. Cushion Grip is a thermoplastic denture adhesive that helps adhere dentures to the mouth for up to 4 full days. Here’s a bit of information about Cushion Grip for dentures you need to know about.

General information

Cushion Grip for dentures has a soft paste-like application that helps your dentures keep in place. If you choose to remove you dentures before the 4 days are done, for cleaning them up or any other reason, the adhesive paste will stay on the dentures. Therefore, you will be able to reseal your dentures to your mouth after you wash them without needing to apply more; Cushion Grip for dentures has a better performance than other options in the market.
The adhesive comes in packs of 4 tubes, each tube containing 1 ounce of product. The type of adhesive used is considered safe for all types of plastic plates, acrylic and porcelain, so it can be used in any type of dentures. The tubes dimensions are 4.9 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches, which means you can easily take one with you everywhere you go.

Cushion Grip for dentures Pros and Cons

The best aspect of this product is the fact that it will help you keep your dentures in place for up to 4 days, which means you don’t have to worry too much about this. The adhesive is comfortable, thus the name Cushion Grip; in general, users present no irritation to the gums when using the product. Moreover, the product will harden after drying if its properly soaked, which makes taking out the dentures very easy. You should always use hot water as you rinse the dentures to make the adhesive soft again when you want to re-attach it to your mouth.
Also, since the cushion creates no gaps between the dentures and the mouth, it protects the user’s gums from possible infections due to food accumulation and halitosis. Since water does not affect the adhesive, there is no chance of the dentures slipping inside your mouth; you can rest assured your dentures will not move in the worst possible moment if you use this product.
The worst aspect of Cushion Grip for dentures is you will need time to remove all the adhesive from the dentures when you need to use a new batch. Because of its water resistance, the product will not soak off and you will need to use a stick to peel all the product off. It comes off in small pieces, so removing every last piece will be very time consuming.
Since this is the biggest problem of this product, it seems like Cushion Grip for dentures is the best option for people who want to stop worrying about their dentures’ position and be able to eat, speak and smile freely.